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Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta) - Soccer Development Summer Program

The Indigenous Sport Council of Alberta is offering, dependent on community interest 2 - 3 day soccer development camps for ages 6 – 18 from mid July to the end of August. Registration fee for these 3 day camps would be $10.00 per participant.

The intent of these camps would be to provide introductory skills for new players, community coach and official development.

The Indigenous Sport Council of Alberta will be working with Alberta Soccer Association to ensure qualified instructors conduct these camps.

Please contact our office for more info at (780) 585-3343.
Eagle Spirit High Performance Camp 2011

Since 2005, the McGill First Peoples' House has facilitated a sports camp for aboriginal youth, ages 13-17, in order to promote higher education at McGill and high performance lifestyles through sport and recreation. Twenty to thirty participants from across Canada are given the opportunity to participate in this three-day event, which includes a variety of sport activities, fitness testing, and education from aboriginal role models.

Plans are underway for the Eagle Spirit High Performance Camp to take place again in 2011, from May 20th - 22nd! Click here to learn more and and to register.
2012 North American Indigenous Sport Championship

Marysville, Washington, USA - The North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) Council is pleased to announce, with the assistance of the Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC), the development of the'2012 North American Indigenous Sport Championships'. Read more here >>

Run, Jump, Throw Program

This Fundamentals program teaches the skills of running, jumping and throwing and the technical skill progressions for track and field events. It is designed for boys and girls ages 6- 12, has progressions for older athletes, and can be adapted for special needs. Click here to learn more.


Booking a Run, Jump, Thrown Program in your Community

Have you begun planning your summer activities in your community? If not, now is the time to book a Run, Jump, Throw Program. Click here to learn more.


Aboriginal Coaching Program

The Program is divided into three modules to assist coaches working with athletes in understanding some of the issues influencing these individuals and their communities. Click here to learn more.


Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta) Program Committee

The Program Committee is seeking Members at Large to assist with this committee. The Programs Committee is an operational committee of ISCA which exists to provide overall guidance and direction for the various functions related to program development for participants at the provincial, national and international levels. Click here for more info.


North American Indigenous Game Coaching Expectations

As a coach, not only for North American indigenous Games, but for your community teams you have many roles and tasks to perform. You have a responsibility to refrain from comments or behaviours that are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racists or sexists. You also have a responsibility to instill in participants a lifelong love of sport and physical activity and enduring values of fair play and respect for others. Click here for more info.


Aboriginal Recreation Directors Summit

The following article was submitted by Ms Brenda Herchmer, Director ACE Communities and Aboriginal Recreation Director Summit Coordinator. The Summit was held October 15—16, 2009 with 31 participants. The ISCA wishes to thank Ms Angela Lightning and Ms Sharon McFall for facilitating the Summit. Click here for more info.


Reframing Physical Activity Programs for Aboriginal Communities

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Ms Emilea | Karihoo BPE, Provincial Health Coordinator. Alberta Native Friendship Centre Association (ANFCA) . The original article developed for Alberta Centre Active Living newsletter has been forwarded in its entirety to all readers. Emilea is a member of the Indigenous Sport Council Board of Directors representing the Alberta Native Friendship Centres. Click here for more info.


Maskwachees Declaration – What has changed in the Communities since

In June 2000 a federal— Provincial Territorial Advisory Committee on Fitness and Recreation held a Roundtable meeting in Hobbema Alberta. The Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta) is interested in your comments as to whether or not conditions have changed in the communities since 2000. Click here for more info.


Do you find it difficult to delegate tasks to others?

The following article is adapted from Leisure Lines the newsletter for Alberta Recreation Parks Association. If so, you are not alone. According to a recent Statistics Canada report, less than 30% of workers deal with stress and work overload by delegating. The same report also notes that most people rarely turn to work colleagues or family and friends for help. Click here for more info.

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